Rugged Solutions Capabilities


If your software or control system requires any of the items below, contact us – we can help.

We always provide documentation for the next owner to maintain and operate their system.


Industrial Manufacturing and Process

  • Interactions with SCADA, Cloud-based systems, ERP, MES

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, pattern recognition

  • Control with PLC’s, AGV’s, conveyors, robots, vision cameras, 3D profilers, printers, CNC’s, measurement systems, or proprietary equipment

  • Embedded systems, custom electronics, real-time systems, PLC automation, motion, Programmable Automation Controllers, PC control

  • Communicate with legacy processes or computer systems providing a seamless way to new solutions and new technology

  • Bring your old systems into the new world of Industry 4.0 using new technologies

  • Communicate using wireless or cellular technologies, Internet of Things

  • Communicate using CAN bus, LIN bus, Bluetooth, USB, or proprietary

Efficiency, Accuracy, and Precision

  • Reduce downtime; reduce cycle times

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Safety condition monitoring and alerting using SMS text, email, or ___

  • Process quality measurement, reporting, record keeping

  • Coordinate orders, quality, manufacturing, build recipes for machines

  • Log large quantities of information at high speeds or long durations



Industrial Hardness, Longevity, and Usability

  • Work for 20+ years (and going strong) with only hardware upgrades

  • Perform 2 Million cycles+ this year with no software defects

  • Resistant to software viruses, bugs, and security problems

  • Security Audits

  • Network architectures for industrial reliability

  • Resistant to hardware failure and hardware obsolescence

  • ZERO software downtime, 24/7 operation for months on end (Five 9’s!)

  • Source code and designs provided for your own maintenance

  • Revision control and detailed specification

  • Simple user interfaces that operators prefer

We can determine:

  • What you need and manage the development / integration process

  • How it should be done with least interruption and greatest impact

  • Writing design scope into language for all to understand and agree

  • Design, development, and integration on your floor

  • Testing and support requirements