It’s what happens when you’re not watching that matters.

Why Rugged Solutions?

For 30 years, Rugged Solutions has delivered industrial software and automation systems that work flawlessly, every time.

We believe in thorough testing, intuitive design, and solutions that drive superior outcomes. Our collaborative approach fosters innovation and challenges conventional methods.

    • Intuitive Design: User interfaces are the face of your process – we make them functional and easy to use.
    • Comprehensive Documentation: Clear communication and well-maintained code ensure long-term maintainability.
    • Reliability & Maintainability: We design simple, streamlined solutions that are easy for anyone to manage.
    • Ruggedness by Design: Fault tolerance and robust technologies are built in from the start.

Automation Architect Tom Cruttenden is an adventurer and engineer.

Tom’s ultimate goal is to use creativity and innovation to keep and create jobs in North America.

Each new problem to solve is an epic adventure for Tom and his crew. Tom loves problem solving – often solving problems in new creative ways.

Tom is a respected leader and mentor who is expert in managing complex engineering projects.