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“After Rugged Solutions rewrote our OEM machine software, it increased output by 90% from 1500 packages/hour to 2900 packages/hr. The machine’s speed now makes the rest of the line equipment the bottleneck.”

– Shawn K. , Plant Engineer, Our Daily Bread

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom for about 6 years now, on 6+ projects … with success on every occurrence. Tom provides a higher level of service… from start to finish, and provides exactly what you want… I personally have learned a large amount from Tom [in a wide range of applications from automation & robotics to electronics & programming]. I look forward to continue to learn more with Tom for the upcoming years on future projects…!”

– David P. , Automation Maintenance Tech II, Byrne

“Rugged solutions has been an integral partner in providing warehouse control system and inventory management software, training, and support for us over the past several years.  We value the efficiency and on time milestone deliverables throughout dynamic project schedules that on most projects span 2+ years.
Not only does Tom bring a lot of experience and skill to the table but he excels at the ability to clearly communicate the software design, functional, and benefits to key stakeholders on a project.”

– Brett A. , Project Manager, [An Integrator]

“Tom has been an essential part of our team creating and delivering the software to run our automated solution consisting of multiple cranes and conveyors, integrating and connecting them to a fully functioning automatic storage and retrieval facility.  He has been more than helpful and very patient with explaining the functionality of the software and what can be expected from the system to some of our team that are not experienced in software development.”

– Andrew S. , Project Manager, [An Integrator]

“Tom is a great mentor and project lead. His knowledge of automated manufacturing technology is impressive… [He] is an excellent teacher and a pleasure to work with. Tom also is great at presenting ideas to people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with automation or software-based solutions.”

– Isaac R. , Analytics Engineer, Dematic

“In my last few years working under Tom I have learned a ton about designing/writing WCS software, identifying problems and troubleshooting, and collaborating effectively. We have built and maintained multiple successful projects together. I got to know Tom on both a professional and personal level, and one of the things I respect most about him is his willingness to accept feedback. Not only does he invite criticism, but I have noticed him make positive changes in our day-to-day operations. This is essential for great leadership. If you are looking for an expert for your next industrial automation project, Tom is your guy.”

– Donald H. , Software Engineer, [An Integrator]

“Tom is a team player who provides unique software solutions. His extensive knowledge and experience are valuable resources to our custom automation projects and machines.”

– Mike T. , Engineering Manager, Criterion Manufacturing Solutions

“Rugged Solutions has worked on additions and maintenance to our software for 20 years. The last upgrade was a complete rewrite of the Warehouse Control System and [it was installed] in three days! No problems since.”

– Kye K. , IT & Database Admin, Distribution for Pro Hardware

“Tom is an extraordinary leader and teacher in our project. He has incredibly deep knowledge in everything automation, computer software, and all things of the sort… I would recommend him to anyone looking for consulting in automated manufacturing technology.”

– Ben W. , Data Analyst, STARS

“Tom [is] an embedded engineer. He is versatile with ability to perform on embedded firmware design, PC software, system design and debug. His variety of skills helped him stay in demand with our customers. He is a great leader and team member as well, a very responsible and hard worker.”

– Shawn I. , President, DornerWorks

“I worked with Tom and recognized him immediately as the guy who knows everything about embedded systems… He is a valuable asset for any engineering team.”

– Mark S. , Embedded Systems Engineer, DornerWorks

“Tom is one of the best Systems Engineer and Software Developer I have worked with. He is dedicated, self motivated, takes pride in his work, and has great troubleshooting skills… We installed [our sortation system] at the customer site and had it up and running very quickly. “

– Dave G. , Software Engineering Manager, Dematic

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