Tools that positively affect your bottom line

20 Years providing Rugged Software

Rugged Solutions creates industrial strength software and maintainable systems that simply work. Our custom software solutions will save you time and effort. The results are tools that directly affect your bottom line. We can network connect your tools and manufacturing processes for better analysis, control, and real time information.

Industrial Software Development

• Industrial Automation – Manufacturing & Assembly
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Internet of Things – cloud, web, device programming and electronic design
• Production & Process Control
• Science, Research, and Product Development
• Security and secure hardening for applications
• Industrial Process
• Warehouse Control and Warehouse Management
• Data Collection and HMI Utilities for Industrial Equipment

Automation & Control

• Machine PLC programming
• Vision systems and robotic applications
• Custom machine software – Linux (preferred) or Windows systems.
• Tracking and testing applications
• Machine data collection and reporting

Quality, Test & Measurement

• Vision Inspection
• Data collection, data logging to cloud
• Data interpretation and analysis
• Electronics functional testing